About Us

We started in 2005, in a century-old mansion located in El Monte County, which is considered to be the cradle of the Old Country (Patria Vieja) and home to the  Carrera brothers (heroes of our country). Over 14 years, we have established our position as producers of certified quality and 100% healthy products.

Meet Our Team

These are the professionals that make La Casona el Monte the  company that brings the highest quality to your table.

Our Mission

We aim to contribute to the care of the environment, delivering  healthy and innovative products, focused on the needs, health, development, and well-being of

Our Vision

We seek to become a leading company in the production of healthy food products and
environmentally friendly natural cosmetics.

Our Values

La Casona El Monte has been built day after
day on solid foundations, which are part of the corporate culture. Austerity, prudence, work safety, mutual aid, integrity,  commitment, and respect for the environment are part of our values.


La Casona el Monte was founded in 2005 by Yanett Omegna, a Chemical and Environmental Engineer and passionate entrepeneur. Today she continues to steer the company with the  same energy and passion as when she started.

Yanett Omegna



Rocío Rodriguez


Fernanda Rodriguez

Comex and Logistics Manager

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