Welcome to La Casona El Monte

We are a family business with over 15 years of experience  creating, producing, and selling natural and innovative products.

Why do our customers choose us?

Because every day more and more of us choose to live a  healthy life. We offer the perfect balance between healthy, tasty,  and natural with products made under strict quality standards.


Bring all the nutrition to your table with healthy products containing a good nutrient content.


Did you know our products are free of warning labels (Chilean Food Law 20,606) and have international certifications such as Kosher, Halal, and FDA Registration?

Vegan Friendly

Our products DO NOT contain animal-based ingredients or derivatives in their production.

Healthy Diets

Our product lines help you keep a healthy diet by providing optimal levels of nutrients for the body's care and regeneration.

Our Products

Here are some of our 100% natural products that will help  you live a healthier life with a higher-quality diet.

Froyatt Line

Functional foods line made from spirulina, quinoa, inulin, and vegetable protein. The innovation lies in that our spirulina is treated with a pleasant aroma and flavor while maintaining all its nutrients and properties.

Varieties: Nutridrinks, Nutricereals, Nutripastas, and Nutriflour.

Natural Salts Line

Natural origin as a common factor. The choice between salt from subterranean brine or rock salt will depend on the tastes and needs of each person and the preparation to be made.

Varieties: Sal Atacama (Atacama Salt), Sal del Himalaya (Himalayan Salt) and Sal Fósil de Los Andes (Andean Fossil Salt).

Nature Pro Products

Chilean sweeteners made from Stevia Morita II, with high  sweetening power, no bitter taste, very stable at high temperatures,  calorie-free, and without other  sweeteners.
Formats: Stevia liquid, powder,  and mixed with Erythritol.

Gourmet Line

Products prepared by experts  passionate about culinary  excellence, with specially selected ingredients, organoleptic and nutritional properties of the highest quality, specially designed for demanding palates.
Varieties: Oils and macerates

Natural Cosmetics

The main objective of  OMEGNAS natural cosmetics is to create innovative formulations
that help preserve and beautify  the skin, as well as strengthen hair and skin care, collaborating with the overall well-being of those who use them. Varieties: Face creams, body and hair oils


We provide food companies with the capacity to formulate, prototype, pilot, and scale food innovations that have productive  potential, adding value to raw materials and agri-food by-products. R&D&i

100% Natural

Tasty & Balanced

Eating healthy has never been so delicious. Learn about all our products at the online store of La Casona El Monte.

Why choose us?

We know about nutrition and healthy eating.
Our products are developed with the highest quality.

Customer satisfaction 93%
On-time delivery 96%
Natural Products 100%

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